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How to Write a Movie About Your Life

How to make a movie about your life The biggest hazard of identifying yourself as a screenwriter, is people start offering you rights to their life stories, for a fee of course. As if a screenwriter has money for rights… Psha… LOL. Here are the top 5 things not to do when making a story […]

Start With Small Stories.

You don’t have to be Communist to agree, the march of a million miles begins with a single step. Big movies inspire us to make films, but you really should start trying to make small films.

Script Geekery: Script Breakdown of “Django Unchained”

Script Breakdown by Philip Dyer, from Django Unchained By Quentin Tarantino Best Original Screenplay Academy Award nomination Best Screenplay Golden Globe winner

Screenwriting Life After the Black List

Many people dream about their ‘big break’ in the entertainment industry. For Screenwriter Kevin Koehler, that break came with making it onto the Hollywood Black List in 2008 with his script, “Phantom Limb.” Many believe from there, you’re rich and famous. But the reality is, Kevin’s secured his place as a working writer.

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