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Time is NOT on your side

I got a problem with Social Media. It’s designed to eat your time. This post was inspired by a  book I’ve heard about recently called Hooked: How to build habit forming products by Nir Eyaol. There’s a deeper discussion on a podcast you can find here. (45 minutes) How is this relevant to the creative […]

Improve Your Filmmaking with Podcasts

Improve your Filmmaking with Podcasts

I love podcasts. The digestible log form audio content really gets me through the day. Why’s this good for the filmmaker? It’s essentially the oldest form of storytelling. And you can listen to podcasts while you’re doing something else.

Start With Small Stories.

You don’t have to be Communist to agree, the march of a million miles begins with a single step. Big movies inspire us to make films, but you really should start trying to make small films.

3D Force Industry Events (April 20)

3D is cheap enough that it’s a real option for Indie filmmakers. I’m going to try out rebroadcasting the Events Calendar by 3D Force and see how folks like it. Chime in, if you like it or if you don’t.

Filmmaker Networking 101

This is a personal pet peeve of mine, how I see some people who call themselves networking working a room, passing out business cards but not connecting to anyone. If you’re in a room with 100 people, it’s better to meaningfully connect with one person, than to get everyone’s contact info.

There is Hope for Film

I just interviewed a 40 year Hollywood veteran, and when I told him I was doing this blog, because of a guy I’ve never met named, Ted Hope, he said, “Who is Ted Hope?”

My Dreams for Google Glass

I hear a lot of people talking about Google Glass and filmmaking. Most emphasize the HD POV camera utility that is immediately obvious. As a closet gearhead, these are the top four uses I’d like to see for Google Glass on film sets.

What Creatives Need to Know About Distribution

We got a great interview from Melanna Gray with distribution expert Charles Johnson about the pitfalls of hoping for distribution without actually talking to a distributor. Charles talks about a few reasons why distributors and filmmakers often don’t see eye to eye,

Are You A Collaborative Filmmaker?

Filmmaking is collaborative. This is one of the largest hurdles for Indie filmmakers to maneuver. You have a vision, you want to see it through, and you’re willing to go through hell and high water to achieve your goal, but you can’t do it alone. Scratch that, you can do it alone, but it won’t […]

What is a Producer?

Rarely do I hear such a least productive word tossed around than I do the word, “Producer.” On the one hand, everyone knows you need a ‘producer,’ and yet, people get Producer credits for not doing much at all.

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