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Start With Short Shoots

Keep it Simple, Stupid. K. I. S. S. You’ve heard it but it has nothing to do with your stories. You don’t write simple stories. You don’t envision short films. Your canvas is huge, and that’s just what you do. But if this is your first rodeo, maybe you should just take a day and […]

Start With Small Stories.

You don’t have to be Communist to agree, the march of a million miles begins with a single step. Big movies inspire us to make films, but you really should start trying to make small films.

Filmmaker Networking 101

This is a personal pet peeve of mine, how I see some people who call themselves networking working a room, passing out business cards but not connecting to anyone. If you’re in a room with 100 people, it’s better to meaningfully connect with one person, than to get everyone’s contact info.

Juggling Writing, Directing & Acting

Filmmaking is a collaborative process that requires effective communication on every level. When communication is lacking, productions fall apart. This spurs some filmmakers to wear multiple hats, with that Mother Goose, “I’ll do it myself attitude.” It’s one thing to shoot and grip, but a popular combination is the Director/Actor. This seems like a good […]

Adversity Inspires Creative Distribution Option

Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s how Chann Berry and Bill Duke stumbled upon a brilliant distribution model for their 2012 documentary ‘Dark Girls.’

Wanna Fail in Pre-Production?

Do you want to fail in pre-production? Really? It’s easy to do; Don’t test your equipment. It sounds simple, but it dumbfounds me how often newbie film makers get into shooting only to realize, oops we didn’t know we weren’t getting bad sound.

Script Suicide: A Wandering Protag

Problem: The protagonist’s goal isn’t specific enough. Many screenplays have a protagonist who simply bounces around from one situation to another and then the story comes to an end. When that happens, the reader has no idea what the story is about (and neither does the writer, apparently) and doesn’t know whether the protagonist has made any actual […]

A Hard Lesson After Sundance

Getting a film into Sundance is hard work. They only accept the best of the best, and only a small sliver of that. Could you imagine getting a film in, getting repped by a top Hollywood agency only to not be prepared? That’s what happened to Maurice Dwyer. It’s called Show Business for a reason; […]

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