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Start With Small Stories.

You don’t have to be Communist to agree, the march of a million miles begins with a single step. Big movies inspire us to make films, but you really should start trying to make small films.

Be Creative, Not Hungry

I often here the idea that people are hungry to make it, and it makes me shake my head. Some would say I”m splitting hairs, but it’s a poor metaphor for your  journey to creative success. It’s far better to be creative, than to be hungry.

Analogy as a Story Development Tool

Sometimes I fall in love with a concept, scene or character and then struggle  to write a script to put that element into. A concept, scene or character isn’t a script, because a concept, scene or character isn’t a story. One way to think of a story, is that a story is an analogy

Filmmaking Isn’t a Solitary Pursuit

The one curse afflicting many filmmakers with the proliferation of cheap film production tools is the ability to do it all yourself. But you can’t do it all yourself. You shouldn’t even try.

Making ‘Hollywood Chaos’

The myth of the overnight Hollywood success is one of the more discouraging ideas in the filmmaking community. At the heart of it is the idea that with little or no effort or investment of time, you to can be a famous star. If that’s your hope for being in The Biz, you’re better off […]

3D Force Industry Events (April 20)

3D is cheap enough that it’s a real option for Indie filmmakers. I’m going to try out rebroadcasting the Events Calendar by 3D Force and see how folks like it. Chime in, if you like it or if you don’t.

Filmmaker Networking 101

This is a personal pet peeve of mine, how I see some people who call themselves networking working a room, passing out business cards but not connecting to anyone. If you’re in a room with 100 people, it’s better to meaningfully connect with one person, than to get everyone’s contact info.

Photons & Narrative Lighting

Tools are cheap and stories are a flowing. This hasn’t always been the case. Speaking to industry Veteran Mike Rogers brought in to stark relief just how difficult and expensive filmmaking used to be, and how cheap and easy it is to try your hand at it now.

There is Hope for Film

I just interviewed a 40 year Hollywood veteran, and when I told him I was doing this blog, because of a guy I’ve never met named, Ted Hope, he said, “Who is Ted Hope?”

My Dreams for Google Glass

I hear a lot of people talking about Google Glass and filmmaking. Most emphasize the HD POV camera utility that is immediately obvious. As a closet gearhead, these are the top four uses I’d like to see for Google Glass on film sets.

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