About The Film Circuit

The Film Circuit is a blog about Indie filmmakers getting over the hump. Indie film making  ‘starts with a vision..’ but there are plenty of steps between the vision and being ‘finished,’ be that screening, distributing or trying to monetize your project. Whether it’s getting pass the analysis paralysis of “Which Camera Should I Use,” Venturing into the film festival space or learning to navigate the new media distribution models, The Film Circuit is a blog that follows the steps, the stages and the lessons learned in film making on a budget, to caution and encourage filmmakers, perspective filmmakers and wanna be filmmakers that it’s all a process. And though it seems never ending most days, we’ve got to do it all again.

The Film Circuit is ‘Produced’ by Moe Poplar, a story teller who, in the process of  filmmaking has found himself doing everything from make-up to crafty to get a project in the can. He’s worn as many hats as there are to wear on set, in pre and in post, and enjoyed them all except acting. He’s got a BA from Berkeley, a MFA in writing and 36 countries stamped on his passport.

Feel free to reach out to him at moe @ thefilmcircuit.com

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