You wrote it, now what do you do?

I moved to Los Angeles to be a screenwriter. I had five scripts under my arm and the first reality I was faced with is, what do with crypts scripts? I got a ‘job’ as a reader, (if a job is what you call working for free) and soon became a bitter script reader. I tried to “go with the process” and, “pay my dues” but after a year and a half, I had to make the leap from comfort to poverty to ‘work full time in the industry.’ I grew up hungry, I don’t understand being broke in an industry where you need money to succeed.

Years later, I stumble across The Bitter Script Reader and It took me back to, ‘the good old days’. I like Zule, I love The puppet and The wisdom rings true. Here’s a series he did on ”now you’ve written The script, what do you do with

And this is great advice if you want to play ‘the game.’ You totally have a choice, you can always figure out how to produce and turn around and produce your script. (that’s a two step process, first learn how to produce, get some projets under your belt that you’re proud of, then produce your script.) But if you’re set on working in The Studio System, these are some great notes.

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