Making ‘Hollywood Chaos’

The myth of the overnight Hollywood success is one of the more discouraging ideas in the filmmaking community. At the heart of it is the idea that with little or no effort or investment of time, you to can be a famous star. If that’s your hope for being in The Biz, you’re better off playing the lottery.

Take Angela Marie Hutchinson, a good friend of mine. I have seen her very nimbly navigate Hollywood and after 11 years, she was able to produce the film she came here to make: ‘Hollywood Chaos.’ In the mean time she’s been a writer publishing two children’s books and an autobiography, a talent agent, a producer a casting director and she’s started a non-profit to help others navigating the town called Breaking into Hollywood. Through Breaking into Hollywood, she has guest speakers who are willing give talks on how different aspects of the business works and what pitfalls to avoid when talking to industry people.

I could Interview Angela for hours talking about her many experiences and  insights into the business, and if you’re interested in her story, go read her book. When I finally caught up with her, she had just left the editor for her final lock on the story idea that started it all for her, ‘Hollywood Chaos’.

As a producer, I thought the most obvious place to start was, how she hired her department heads.


Knowing Angela, I don’t think there’s much she can’t do. So after talking to her, the elephant in the room was, “So why didn’t you direct this on your own.” It seems that her 11 years of experience afforded her wisdom that many lack as they shoot from the hip on their first production.


As of the interview date, Angela is just doing industry screenings right now and she has some leads on securing distribution. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is, over the last 11 years, she’s built relationships all over the town. People she used to intern with have great jobs as decision makers now. She can seek advice from folks who are much more accomplished than she is and she’s not limited to ‘inventing wheels’ to get her film made and distributed. More often than not, the Hollywood overnight success is just like Angela – someone who’s tarried in the trenches, improving their craft who finally makes something worth showing the world.

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