Photons & Narrative Lighting

Tools are cheap and stories are a flowing. This hasn’t always been the case. Speaking to industry Veteran Mike Rogers brought in to stark relief just how difficult and expensive filmmaking used to be, and how cheap and easy it is to try your hand at it now. This doesn’t speak to the issue of quality, just access. Just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you know how to use them, but this level of access has been a revolution over the last decade.

Especially after the strong showing of LED’s at NAB 2013, Mike’s comments on LED light sources and light in general are very timely.

It’s one thing to ‘get on the bandwagon’ and follow a trend, but Mike breaks down how LED’s are practical, cost effective and likely the future of filmmaking lighting tools.

I really enjoyed talking to Mike, he’s got a real long view on filmmaking, film lighting and film tools. You can talk to Mike too if your in the LA area by visiting Birns & Sawyer’s once a month Lunch with Mike series.

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