Three Reasons Actors Should Consider Directing

We’ve all seen the films and YouTube videos that were beautiful wisps of nothing. Great effects, great cinematography, great score, but no substance. No drama. No depth of characters.

Speaking to Actor turned Director, Eric Smith-Gunn, this is because many directors never master the craft of performance, they just buy a camera to shoot with.

Here Eric explains the top three reasons Actors should consider directing

In case you were looking forĀ  a “1… 2… 3…” and didn’t see it, let me lay it out for you.

  1. A lot of young directors don’t know about drama. Maybe people trained in drama, like actors, should direct.
  2. It’s hard for many actors to get a good meaty roles. Maybe actors need to create those roles.
  3. The tools of production are so cheap, there’s no reason for actors not to be acting.

This is not to say that every actor will make a good director, but after a couple projects, Eric did win best director at a small film festival for his short film, ‘Corre’ (Run). It’s a cool short that really delves into character, and tells a story.

Eric wisely mentioned that he doesn’t shoot and edit his projects, and he wasn’t the main character of Corre. Only a fool would advocate actors crosstrain and do everything on set. But directing seems to be a natural step actors might consider.





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