Are You A Collaborative Filmmaker?

Filmmaking is collaborative. This is one of the largest hurdles for Indie filmmakers to maneuver. You have a vision, you want to see it through, and you’re willing to go through hell and high water to achieve your goal, but you can’t do it alone. Scratch that, you can do it alone, but it won’t look great for the first couple dozen times you try to do it alone.

I had a chance to interview Zach Block, who has more hypens in his ‘what I do’ than I can spare, but suffice to say, he’s a filmmaker. I interviewed him on lessons he learned after his first feature, ‘Fathoms Deep,’ that he wrote, directed, started in, produced, edited and sought distribution for. Here’s what he had to say about collaboration in filmmaking

And in essence, it comes down to that for every filmmaker looking to make more than, ‘a short.’ Do you want to push the envelope? Do you want to step your game up? Do you want to make your next project better than your last? You can grow a lot my making films but you’ll bring a lot more ‘production value’ to your project bringing in a collaborator. But this means giving up some control.

This whole, ‘control’ thing is a sticky issue that if you haven’t dealt with, you will one day. Directors disagree with actors, producers disagree with directors. Editors, writers, and actors don’t always get ‘authorship’ over their work, but they don’t want to be represented, ‘poorly.’ Filmmaking is a team sport, but it’s easy to watch big studio productions and award shows and loose sight of the fact that everyone on board has something to offer that’ll take a project to the next level. And sometimes these ideas aren’t always welcome at first.

Zach also had some brass tacks things to say about post on his first feature, ‘Fathoms Deep’.

It almost warrants a totally separate post to talk about the importance of story boarding, issues with bad sound and knowing if you film is ‘marketable’ or a personal indulgence. But these are issues I’ve experienced, so it may be a stretch to call these, ‘challenges with post-production’ and instead just call them, ‘post-production.’

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