Navigating a Film Market

Congratulations to the filmmakers at Sundance who were able to sell their projects, and to the other filmmakers who were able to exhibit their films. Sundance isn’t the only way to sell your film though. It’s actually not how the majority of  films are sold at all. Most people who sell a film do so at a film market, where more than just the Weinsteins are looking to buy.

Actor extraordinaire and inadvertent producer, Azmyth Kaminski, sits down with us to share his adventures at AFM; the American Film Market which takes place every November in Los Angeles, California.

Azmyth breaks down how to navigate a film market, and a few basic things to consider if you’re going:

  • Start with the small fish, work your way to the big fish. You might learn a lot your first time
  • Take your time and talk to people – don’t be in such a hurry to, “Hit them all”
  • Be patient; there are a lot of people just like you for distributors to connect with. It may take a few months before you hear back.

Azmyth also gives some advice any filmmaker looking to make a profit should heed: Research your market before you spend your time and money.  He and his team opted to, ‘keep it clean’ with their film ‘Forbidden Fruit,’ and it ended up so clean they couldn’t sell it. This is the concern of any parties who want to see a return on their investment. And as a producer, Azmyth has an important notch on his belt; he has a much better idea of what to look for before he leaps with someone else’s money next time.

AFM isn’t the only Film Market in the world so Azmyth’s experience and advice is very useful indeed.

If you want to contact Azmyth, see his IMDB or follow him on social media, see the links below.

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