Wisdom From a Sound Guy

Since 1929, sound has been integral to cinematography, but newbie filmmakers often take it for granted. On a tight budget, it’s better to dig deeper for a good sound guy, than waste the budget you have and have to reshoot it all. Again. (This is me speaking from bitter experience.) So we decided to talk to Sound Guy, Jonathan Hong, about the basics of Sound Engineering.

So Jonathan breaks it down to a couple key points:

If you don’t involve your sound guy in pre-production, don’t expect miracles.
If you only have one person on set working as the ”sound department,” be patient, she or he is doing two or three peoples job.

Far too often the sound guy is treated like the bass player, “I got a little cousin, let him do it.” On set, the director only cares that sounds recorded and the camera department only wants to know, “is the boom out the shot?” It’s not until you get into post that you realize, ‘We should have found someone who knew what they were doing.’ Dialogue is the one thing you almost can’t ‘fix in post.’ If you have to ADR, and you’re fortunate enough to get it close, you’re still going to have to hire someone like Jonathan to make it match the rest of the film. Why not get someone who has the right tools, and knows what they’re doing and get it done properly the first time? What a novel idea.

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