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Are You A Collaborative Filmmaker?

Filmmaking is collaborative. This is one of the largest hurdles for Indie filmmakers to maneuver. You have a vision, you want to see it through, and you’re willing to go through hell and high water to achieve your goal, but you can’t do it alone. Scratch that, you can do it alone, but it won’t […]

What is a Producer?

Rarely do I hear such a least productive word tossed around than I do the word, “Producer.” On the one hand, everyone knows you need a ‘producer,’ and yet, people get Producer credits for not doing much at all.

Working with Special Effects Make-up

Digital or practical special effects? Most people think Transformers and Michael Bay when you say special effects, which is all about the illusions created with computers. But films like Star Wars didn’t use many computers at all and achieved amazing results.

Managing Your Movie Brand

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and interview filmmaker and entrepreneur Dennis Dortch. Talking to him, I was glad I had the camera rolling because he’s a couple steps ahead of me in his thought process, and it occurred to me, I should have been taking notes. So take this series of videos […]

Juggling Writing, Directing & Acting

Filmmaking is a collaborative process that requires effective communication on every level. When communication is lacking, productions fall apart. This spurs some filmmakers to wear multiple hats, with that Mother Goose, “I’ll do it myself attitude.” It’s one thing to shoot and grip, but a popular combination is the Director/Actor. This seems like a good […]

Navigating a Film Market

Congratulations to the filmmakers at Sundance who were able to sell their projects, and to the other filmmakers who were able to exhibit their films. Sundance isn’t the only way to sell your film though. It’s actually not how the majority of  films are sold at all. Most people who sell a film do so […]

Adversity Inspires Creative Distribution Option

Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s how Chann Berry and Bill Duke stumbled upon a brilliant distribution model for their 2012 documentary ‘Dark Girls.’

Wisdom From a Sound Guy

Since 1929, sound has been integral to cinematography, but newbie filmmakers often take it for granted. On a tight budget, it’s better to dig deeper for a good sound guy, than waste the budget you have and have to reshoot it all. Again. (This is me speaking from bitter experience.) So we decided to talk […]

What Use Film School Can Be

To film school or not to film school. The question crosses every young filmmaker’s mind. You don’t need film school to make a film, but film school, film classes, coaches and mentors definitely serve a place in the filmmaker’s life.

Screenwriting Life After the Black List

Many people dream about their ‘big break’ in the entertainment industry. For Screenwriter Kevin Koehler, that break came with making it onto the Hollywood Black List in 2008 with his script, “Phantom Limb.” Many believe from there, you’re rich and famous. But the reality is, Kevin’s secured his place as a working writer.

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