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How to Write a Movie About Your Life

How to make a movie about your life The biggest hazard of identifying yourself as a screenwriter, is people start offering you rights to their life stories, for a fee of course. As if a screenwriter has money for rights… Psha… LOL. Here are the top 5 things not to do when making a story […]

Intention w Ben Von Wong

If you’ve never heard of Ben Wong, you’re missing out. He’s made some of the most iconic images not on the silver screen. He’s a very cinematic photographer. On top of that, he’s done a Ted talk, he’s raised money to save people’s lives. Besides being super talented, he seems pretty grounded and down to earth.

Focus, Commitment and Will

I just saw John Wick 2. Again. So I had to see John Wick 1. Again. This scene spoke to me, in particular. If you’re a nobody, you need to have focus, commitment and sheer will to make a splash as a newbie indie filmmaker. One of the coldest, most effective, evocative scenes I’ve seen […]

Problems with Get Out & Moonlight For Indie Filmmakers

What are the problems with Get Out and Moonlight? It takes away all excuse from indie filmmakers on getting the job done right. For next to no money. Just story, craft and get’er done is all it takes to make a splash with your film. [Spoilers]

Filmmaking as Community Development

The answer to, ‘why make a film’ can run the gamut of, ‘to be rich and famous’ and ‘to fulfill the burden of telling a story.’ The answer is usually personal and rarely includes the idea, ‘to help reinvigorate pride in my community, but that’s exactly what I got speaking to Martin Thurlow.

Making ‘Hollywood Chaos’

The myth of the overnight Hollywood success is one of the more discouraging ideas in the filmmaking community. At the heart of it is the idea that with little or no effort or investment of time, you to can be a famous star. If that’s your hope for being in The Biz, you’re better off […]

Photons & Narrative Lighting

Tools are cheap and stories are a flowing. This hasn’t always been the case. Speaking to industry Veteran Mike Rogers brought in to stark relief just how difficult and expensive filmmaking used to be, and how cheap and easy it is to try your hand at it now.

Three Reasons Actors Should Consider Directing

We’ve all seen the films and YouTube videos that were beautiful wisps of nothing. Great effects, great cinematography, great score, but no substance. No drama. No depth of characters.

Are you Ready For Your First Feature?

Everyone who picks up a camera eventually gets the delusion they can make a feature film. Actually, delusion isn’t the right word. Anyone can fill 90 minutes worth of, ‘time.’ But executing at a level of excellence, where you can sit through a screening without making excuses

What Creatives Need to Know About Distribution

We got a great interview from Melanna Gray with distribution expert Charles Johnson about the pitfalls of hoping for distribution without actually talking to a distributor. Charles talks about a few reasons why distributors and filmmakers often don’t see eye to eye,

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