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Don’t Chase Trends

Cee Lo Green put is so succinctly in the latest evolution of his career, “I’d be a pretty good thug but that wouldn’t compare to a great me” Don’t chase the trends. Don’t try and be like everyone else. Every time the hot new thing becomes a trend, the industry jumps on the bandwagon.

Start With Short Shoots

Keep it Simple, Stupid. K. I. S. S. You’ve heard it but it has nothing to do with your stories. You don’t write simple stories. You don’t envision short films. Your canvas is huge, and that’s just what you do. But if this is your first rodeo, maybe you should just take a day and […]

“A Girl & A Gun” The Lazy Basics of Drama

“All you need for a movie is a girl and a gun.” That’s a quote from French Director Jean-Luc Godard. I guess you can say, these two images are ‘instant tension’ from a male orientation. Tension is pretty much the source of story.

Start With Small Productions

How much money does it cost to make a short? Depends on the short. But it also depends on the filmmaker. And if you start with a small production, you can make short films with stuff you have in the house. This allows you to master the the mechanics of filmmaking.

Is The Samsung Galaxy NX A(nother) Filmmaking Game Changer?

Is the Samsung Android Mirrorless Camera Another Indie game changer? Sure, cameras have been flying fast and furious from manufacturers to the market. We got the Digital Bolex, Black Magic Cam, and firmware hacks that take just about any old digital camera you were about to put on Craigslist, and makes it a raw shooting […]

Start With Small Stories.

You don’t have to be Communist to agree, the march of a million miles begins with a single step. Big movies inspire us to make films, but you really should start trying to make small films.

Ups and Downs of Collaborative Filmmaking

When you get an opportunity to build a team and make a film, be careful you don’t get all precious when the shoe is on the other foot and someone else needs help.

You wrote it, now what do you do?

I moved to Los Angeles to be a screenwriter. I had five scripts under my arm and the first reality I was faced with is, what do with crypts scripts? I got a ‘job’ as a reader, (if a job is what you call working for free) and soon became a bitter script reader.

Be Creative, Not Hungry

I often here the idea that people are hungry to make it, and it makes me shake my head. Some would say I”m splitting hairs, but it’s a poor metaphor for your  journey to creative success. It’s far better to be creative, than to be hungry.

Analogy as a Story Development Tool

Sometimes I fall in love with a concept, scene or character and then struggle  to write a script to put that element into. A concept, scene or character isn’t a script, because a concept, scene or character isn’t a story. One way to think of a story, is that a story is an analogy

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