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How to Write a Movie About Your Life

How to make a movie about your life The biggest hazard of identifying yourself as a screenwriter, is people start offering you rights to their life stories, for a fee of course. As if a screenwriter has money for rights… Psha… LOL. Here are the top 5 things not to do when making a story […]

Intention w Ben Von Wong

If you’ve never heard of Ben Wong, you’re missing out. He’s made some of the most iconic images not on the silver screen. He’s a very cinematic photographer. On top of that, he’s done a Ted talk, he’s raised money to save people’s lives. Besides being super talented, he seems pretty grounded and down to earth.

Time is NOT on your side

I got a problem with Social Media. It’s designed to eat your time. This post was inspired by a  book I’ve heard about recently called Hooked: How to build habit forming products by Nir Eyaol. There’s a deeper discussion on a podcast you can find here. (45 minutes) How is this relevant to the creative […]

Your Product is You!

That’s right, you are the product. You’re not a PC, you are Apple. People go to find a laptop that has the ram, the connection ports and the touch screen/ fold-y tablet thingy they want. Or they get the cheapest thing they can find. (OK, people don’t really buy laptops any more, that market is […]

Resources vs Resourcefulness

“It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.” – Tony Robbins I like this quote. It turned me on today.

Where is Your Data? (Short film)

I’m serious about Data Security. And this silly short film proves it.   Click to see the rest

5 Steps to not letting your tech get the best of you.

Imagine all of your film work disappeared one day. Poof. Just gone. Doesnt’ exist. Almost finished with a project? doesn’t matter. Got someone else’s footage that they spent more than your personal net value on? Poof.  Technical problems will happen. Here are 5 steps to not losing it all, cause one day, you’re going to […]

5 Mistakes I Made in Post with My First Film.

The hardest lesson I learned with my first film, Donovan Quixote, was not to put it out there too soon. I put it out there too soon. Big mistake. This was a result of me approaching my first feature like a series of sprints, instead of a marathon.

How Gratitude can help you as a filmmaker.

There are lots of challenges independent filmmaking, and you have to keep your eye on the ball. But is obsessing on the mountains of hurdles healthy for your filmmaker career?

Focus, Commitment and Will

I just saw John Wick 2. Again. So I had to see John Wick 1. Again. This scene spoke to me, in particular. If you’re a nobody, you need to have focus, commitment and sheer will to make a splash as a newbie indie filmmaker. One of the coldest, most effective, evocative scenes I’ve seen […]

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